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In todays' blog entry, I am going to talk about kindness due to #worldkindsnessday celebration.
Have you ever formulated this question in your head: Does he/she likes me or is being just kind?
You have noticed how it is now super common to confuse coquetry with kindness? And it is not that we are so urged or in need of love that at first attention we fall into confusion.



No, I do not think that's the problem, I do not think it's right to blame the urgency of love, affection and sentimental intimacy, Jesuschrist noooo! I think nowadays we are all so cold, so apathetic that when someone is kind to us, we become disoriented, due to kindness is so forgotten that when someone practices it, we got so confused and tend to think that there is an inner reason (we can even think it is malignant) within that good attitude. Why? Because if is not that, it means the other person likes you.


Now we know in an accurate way that when someone is nice to you there can only be two reasons:
He likes you or he wants something from you, right?
Well, let me tell you there may be another third intentions or better reason and someone can be just nice to you, simply because he/she is a kind and warm person with everyone. But it might not mean this person loves you. It really makes sense but, how many times you think a person is just being kind without thinking about the two previous intentions I mentioned before?


But how do you know the differences between kindness and flirting? How to know if you like or are just being nice.
When someone is kind, he/she greets you and treats you with courtesy, he/she smiles at you and at the moment you are talking to that person he/she gives you all the attention, but if you look carefully at how that person acts with others, you will realize if it the kind and affectionate way he has with you is the same treatment he/she has with other people.


Now the second tip that you have to analyze, if that person is interested in you, is very aware of your needs, cares about you constantly surely likes you.


The tips to know if you like someone honestly likes you:
He/She is always aware of you and asks you about your things
He/She is always looking for opportunities to do alternative plans with you such as eating out, going to the movies or just talking.
Whenever you send a message, he/she tries to answer them as fast as possible and in fact always takes the initiative to send messages or to say hello.
As you can see, it is easy to see the differences between kindness and coquetry, you just have to pay attention and go beyond the superficial, it is about analyzing the treatment that person has with you and the one he/she have with others.


Another option if you still have doubts and it is not clear to know if he/she likes you or is just being nice, is asking him/her directly. Do you like me or are you just being kind?
It will sound very rude and direct, but if you cannot get out of doubt, the best way is to ask the source.
Anyways, I particularly think we should all practice more often the action of being nice, it will give us self-peace, good vibes and you might get to know the love of your live with one of these actions.