All About Foreplay

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Foreplay is one of the most important phases that every intimate relationship should have. This is how different experts in sexology agree, due to count as a unique moment to improve the connection of the couple, passion, and even, the quality of satisfaction that gives that special moment.


Without preliminaries, there are problems. Research has indicated that the fact of a nonexistent preliminary phase in each sexual encounter leads to very common problems of intimacy, both for women and for men. The most popular is anorgasmia, a condition that is described when the woman has not been sufficiently aroused, so despite penetration, it is impossible for her to reach orgasm.


The specialist in sexology, Vicente Briet, ensures that the preliminaries are the food of the first phase of sexual response. They manage to stimulate both the physical and emotional phases, favoring to an important extent the reach of orgasm.


On the other hand, the couple's therapist, Ana Sevilla, adds that the preliminaries manage to go beyond mere pleasure, " is a time of caresses, rapprochement and enjoyment that, in addition to preparing the body for intimacy, considerably increases the pleasure of the couple and favors the long-term relationship. "


Sex toys, Fellatio and cunningulus are among the preliminary techniques most recommended by therapists. Why? The doctor, Oscar Espino says that "the importance of this practice in a relationship, is focused on the confidence that a woman has towards men, and vice versa ... Specially to open up to new sexual experiences that allow the couple to feel full in privacy. "


In the same way, it is of the utmost importance that the practice of sex toys, due to is less common than Fellatio and cunningulus, "should be a matter of mutual agreement between couples, given that they are not obligated to do it or receive it, as some people see it as unpleasant."


NYMPH is a perfect products for preliminaries. Its three soft moving finger vibration its perfect for both gender nipples stimulation. Also, the texture, the shape and the color make the experience even better. It allows to play with any part of the toy, due to the opposite part of the fingers is a round soft vibration head made of liquid gel to arouse most of the intimate parts. Combined with kisses and even with cunningulus or Fellatio can increase stamina levels in the couple and connect better.