Failed Sexual Fantasies

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It has happened to many of us. Sometimes things do not go as we imagine. For those of us who are clumsy by nature is not new, but if you are lucky and everything goes well, be thankful.

Nine out of ten people fantasize habitually, but most believe that their partner is not ready to understand their sexual fantasies and decide not to tell them. Of the few that do explain them, only some decide to make them come true. Even so, everything that glitters is not gold, and may end up developing a situation differently than the expected.

According to the sexologist Noemí Casquet, when this happens, the best thing is to remedy it with humor: "If you do not take it that way, better do not even try" she says. So, you have to take it easy and as a joke! We asked three young people to explain to us the worst experiences they have had by carrying out their sexual fantasies.

The escape
Memory of an old girlfriend that I had that she liked sex very much and her fantasy was to try it in places very concurred: in the cinema, the bathrooms of the restaurants, fitting rooms...
One day she tried to make another of her fantasies come true. The idea, to say it in a classy way ... was that she was going to be the "man of the relationship" throughout the night and in all areas. It was not pleasant at all.
She bought a harness with a penis and fucked my ass. I would have liked it if it had not been because she wanted to do it in public, specifically she wanted to fuck me in the middle of a public parking lot. Right in the first attack (you have to imagine the panorama in the middle of a parking lot) we crossed face with a family with three small children who stared at us. That completely broke the arouse. Imagine myself with the dildo in my ass getting fucked and the parents chasing us and screwing us everything.

Fatal rain
I had never done a golden shower before. It is not that the idea was especially interesting to me, but I like to experience new things, so when my partner proposed it to me, I said yes.
Neither of us had any idea how to do it ... we thought it would be better if it arose spontaneously, without much planning. One night, while he was peeing, I got on top of him and thought that this was the ideal moment: I started to pee.
Immediately I saw how his penis had gotten a bit erect, so I encouraged myself and wanted to excite him even more, so I climbed into the bidet and projected my rain towards him.
I do not know if everything happened very fast or what, but when I thought that it was over, I shot itstraight into his eyes. It must have hurt, because his penis immediately became flaccid like chewing gum and he went quickly under the shower to clean his eyes water.
That was a real disaster. The day after, the bathroom still smelled like pee and he still had a very red eye. Lucky that now when we remember it helps us to laugh a while.

Too strong
I was dating a boy. Finally, I got a boyfriend with bisexual tendencies and that he would love to have it in the ass, I had been looking for one like that for a long time!
In the second week of officially dating, I was so happy that I bought a new dildo for my harness especially so I could give myself the pleasure of penetrating him. It was the fantasy of the two of us.
At first it took us a long time to bring up the subject, but months later, almost when we had already completed the year together, I decided and I proposed it in the middle of a fuck. Right after telling him, we got fucking excited and he started first penetrating me.

Sometime later I put on the harness, he turned upside down with his ass in bubble shape and first I play his ass for a bit. I was so excited that I hit him so hard that I put it all at once. The poor guy gave such a shout that I thought he had burst inside.
He turned around in a crying jump. The fuck was over and the harness was left in the closet for another year.