Sexual appetite decreases. What to do?

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Many times, couples have problems because their sexual desires are different: one wants sex and the other does not care. Biology may be to blame for some having a low libido since our sexual impulses naturally decrease as we get older.


There are studies that show that the production of testosterone in men decreases by approximately 2 percents per year, while in women, menopause significantly limits the production of estrogen, which decreases the interest in sex. In both cases, hormone therapy can help stabilize levels.


Our lifestyle and the environment also affects our libido. Everything, from what we ingest (alcohol, drugs and food) to the place where we live and the stress we have in our lives can affect our levels of lust. It is not very helpful that our modern lifestyle contributes to our sexual impulse decreasing. Others do not realize that they are indifferent in relation to sex. In the same way that we have happy and sad days, also your sexual appetite can have good and bad moments.


In general, Americans practice less sex: "Those born in the 1930s (the silent generation) had sex more frequently, while those born in the 1990s (Millennials) and iGen) have sexual intercourse less frequently. "


Married couples took the biggest blow, in 2014 it was recorded that on average they practised sex 56 times a year, while in 1989 they did sex approximately 67 times a year.


However, not because it is something natural means that you will not worry if it is the first time you experience a change in your sexual impulse (or that of your partner). We consult sexual trainers, relationship therapists and psychologists and ask for your best advice on how to manage a decrease in desire. This is what they said.