When do people masturbate?

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Pornhub says it and we talk to a sexologist to try to understand it.

According to this Pornhub study on user trends during 2017, the most visited day of the week is Sunday and, specifically, around midnight.



This is the moment of harmony in which the vast majority of humans within the same territory decide to masturbate in unison, in a kind of deferred huge orgy. Millions of wetted genitals being manipulated to exhaustion.

In spite of the grotesqueness of the image, it is still beautiful that such an enormous amount of people is indirectly sharing a moment of this nature, a syncopated movement that goes beyond the individual and extends to the collective. A tide that unites an entire society.

But well, what is it that makes that the moment chosen by all? I find it curious that people decide to do it at that moment when free time and fun just come to an end and the work week begins. Is masturbating at that hour the last breath desperate to take advantage of ephemeral freedom? Or perhaps it is that at that point of the week there is nothing more interesting to do and, as a last measure in the face of boredom, people opt for masturbation?

"There are two factors that could influence why you cum to the night from Sunday to Monday," says sexologist Elena Crespi. "Both cases are related to whether during the weekend you have managed to have sex with someone or not."

According to the sexologist, unfortunately, masturbation continues to have certain stigmas. On the one hand is something that is linked to adolescence - when you have no partner and you go all day horny and this is the only thing you can do to calm down - and, on the other hand, during adulthood, it is considered a side effect of the absence of sex.

"It would make a lot of sense that the moment of greatest masturbatory activity was Sunday, because, for singles, it is assumed that the days of maximum chance of dating - and ending up having sex with someone - take place around the weekend, therefore, if it has not been achieved, masturbation can function as that consolation prize ".

But this of the Sunday straw is not just a single thing. "There are many couples who, inevitably, find it very difficult to find sex during the week (for work, for children ...) and always wait until Saturday night. If Saturday does not work and during the weekend they have not had sexual relations with the couple, then masturbation also works as a consolation prize "says Crespi.

But it seems that even when you have sex, there is no escape to the power of Sunday because masturbation can also be used to remember the experience you have had over the weekend. According to the sexologist, "normally when you have sex you are hormonal, sexually and emotionally more active and masturbation is a way to continue having sex, even with oneself".

I told Elena that I thought that this Sunday was more a matter of boredom, boredom and not knowing what to do. Sunday is that day in which everyone stays at home without making plans, it is a day of universal sadness. Being lying in bed all day can lead to masturbation, we all know that.

"It is true that Sunday is the most apathetic day, the weekends and everything starts again. In general, men are more consumers of porn than women (although each time they do more) and, in addition, one of the reasons why men masturbate is because they simply get bored. Yes, that could be another reason. "

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